Crowolf Fantasy Miniatures

Crowolf Fantasy Miniatures
Custom painted, sculpted and converted figures for Warhammer Fantasy Battles* and other role playing games. Let Crowolf produce a portrait miniature for your favorite RPG character or as a one of a kind gift! Click here to check out our current auctions.

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2001 Dwarf Thunderer Command
Available For Sale 

Female Dark Elf

Savage Orc Shaman, 
Wurrzag Ud Ura Zahubu
on converted wild boar

2000 Knights Panther Regiment
Empire Knightly Order
8 mounted knughts

2001 Felix

2001 Gotrek

Converted Night Goblin Shaman

Grimgor Ironhide - The Ultimate Black Orc Warboss

Empire Hochland Long Rifle Conversion

Empire Knights Raven Conversions

Vintage, Custom Cast, Der Kriegspieler - Fantastiques
 Lord of the Rings Figure
For Sale if offer is right!

Empire Warrior Priest 

 Savage Orc Army Standard 
of Corax Blackhand
Custom Sculpted

Converted Dwarf Slayer Champion

Converted Dwarf Slayer 
Standard Bearer

Dwarf Slayer Musician 

2001 Dwarf Lord

Unless otherwise noted, miniatures on this page have already sold or are part of Crowolf's personal collection.

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