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Crowolf Announces Shameless Tug at Your Heartstrings!
Been putting off that portrait order? Looking for a perfect gift? Now is your chance to save big and give my kids a merry Christmas! Now through January 1st all portraits are 50% off!
SCA or LARP persona portraits, Renactors, Sci Fi or Fantasy Characters, Goths, Vampires, Werewolves, Dogs Playing Poker, Sad Clowns.... You imagine it, I'll paint it!

Portrait Orders
Commission Crowolf to bring your role-playing character or table top army general to life! Put yourself at the head of your army or put your kids in a magical fantasy all their own.  Just follow the simple guidelines below.


Please remember all images are copyrighted material and remain the property of the artist.  They may not be used without permission

Portrait Style

Price (US $)

 Single Person Portrait  (Face Only)
Single Person Portrait (Head and Shoulders)
Single Person Portrait (Full Body)
Couple Portrait (Face Only)
Couple Portrait (Head and Shoulders)
Couple Portrait (Full Body)
Wedding and Group Portraits of 3 to 5 characters
Each Additional Member for Groups
Illustrations, Web Graphics, Action Scenes
contact us via email

Payment Options
These are base prices. Elaborate items, special requests or custom backgrounds may require more time and additional cost may be negotiated. These prices are current as of 01/23/2000 but are subject to change. Crowolf reserves the right to refuse any order. International customers must pay in US$. We accept major credit card payments via Paypal! Now available to international customers in many countries. Please DO NOT attempt to use the credit card processing system on the old Crowolf's Gallery site ( Click on the Paypal link below and fill in the amount from the table above. For Paypal use the email address : and the last name: Glenn. Orders paid in full in US$ will receive first priority on the waiting list.  Orders paid by check or money order will not be started until the check or money order has been received and processed. They can be made payable to John Glenn and mailed to:

Crowolf Design
4 Bayberry Road
Parkville, MD 21234


DragonRealms players may inquire about payments in game currency or rare/altered item trades. To pay in DragonRealms platinum kronars, simply double the above US$ prices. However, US $ orders will receive priority. Check with us via email to see if Crowolf is currently accepting game currency orders.

DragonRealms Assisted Wedding Special!
Crowolf is pleased to announce that he will accept a limited number of commissions for altered items from GM assisted DragonRealms weddings. For one  item, custom altered to his specifications,  he will complete a portrait of the happy couple. For two items, custom altered to his specifications, he will paint 3 to 5 members of the wedding party! Check current availability of this offer with us via email.



Crowolf's Character Description Guidelines

Please send me your complete "look" description, cut and pasted from the game if applicable with what you want to wear in the portrait. Include all your items you might want in the picture and not just the top ten. delete any that you definitely don't want shown. I can often include or suggest more than those top ten. If you have any items that don't specify color in your description, give me a preference or tell me if you want to add details that are not listed in game. (for example Madlorcan has a black kilt but I painted it as a black woven tartan) Make sure I have all look descriptions of any special items. Even tiny items. I may not be able to depict a dragon etched in the surface of the ruby chip in your pinkie ring but it often helps with shape, color etc. If you want you can send me all the details you can think of about your character's personality, how you picture him, is he fierce? is he silly? hot tempered? easy going? short and chubby? tall and lean? or massively muscled? is his face craggy and weathered?  young and impish? world weary and decadent? the more detail you can give me the better I can visualize him. I've had people send me pictures of themselves, their kids, models or screen shots from graphic based games to use as an idea, or whole life stories of their characters, but I've also had people that did not have a clear picture of what they wanted, that just left it up to me. If your character is a non human race and you have any strong feelings about how their racial features should be depicted please let me know.

    Don't feel too constrained by the rules of the gaming system in which you are playing. I'm not a GM. If you RP your character as having functional wings (see Namue and Beluhara) or as being half -elven/half-olvi (see Olvina) let me know. If you are human (or non human for that matter) and you have any particular ethnic background you use as a basis for how you play your character let me know. (i.e. I have always pictured Dragonrealms Wind Elves as being like  Native Americans, see Beluhara)  Let me know if you have a particular preference for a background. You can specify a real location in a game or give me the description of your house (i.e. Squirt and Gabela are riding past Squirt's hillock in Arthe Dale, Firannion is in Baerholt's Tavern, Namue is on a balcony in Shard). I may charge extra if it is very specific or complex.

    I sometimes have questions as I work so if I can contact you via AOL IM's that is helpful, So please send me screen names you use frequently. Otherwise I will stay in touch via e-mail. You can reach me at this address,  on AOL as crowolf. You can also IM one of my associates, Dylana7 or FianaDR. (If I am not on one of them probably is)



News and Commission Availability Updates
Yes, Crowolf is still available for commissions and he is having a 1/2 off Sale!
Half off all portrait orders now through January 1st, 2003!

Yes, Crowolf is available for commissions!
Ask about discounts!
We are always looking for new markets. If you have an RPG related website and are willing to post your Crowolf Design portrait along with a text or graphic link to this site, then we will discount your order. E-mail for details.

Unique Holiday Gift Idea!
Children's Fairytale Fantasy Portraits
Put your little ones in their favorite fantasy! Crowolf will work from your child's photo and description of any non-copyrighted fantasy setting.. The child could be on a magic broom chasing a ball but not with a Harry Potter logo or be a superhero but not Spiderman. There is still time to get the comissioned image on any of the items from Crowolf's Merchandise. Click here for a complete list of available products

Crowolf's Merchandise link has been updated. Watch it for exciting new merchandise! Any of Crowolf's Images Can Be Placed on Clothing, Mugs, Mousepads  and More from click here for a complete list of available products then contact us with your request
Be sure and check out the many new portraits that have been added to Crowolf's Gallery .and Latest Portraits pages. Crowolf is currently accepting commissions for US$ and DragonRealms game  currency. To pay in DragonRealms platinum kronars, simply double the above US$ prices. Remember, however, US $ orders will receive priority. Current waiting times are only one to two weeks! Sometimes orders are filled as quickly as two days from time of payment.

The new link for Crowolf's Gallery is now active. It features an alphabetical index of  DragonRealms character portraits and examples of the eleven races of Elanthia. Portraits from other gaming systems can be found on the Latest Portraits page. We hope to add other game specific pages in the future, The Crowolf's Fantasy Miniatures page has been updated with links to current ebay auctions and new thumbnails. We are offering a 20% discount on character portraits for all of our auction winners.

The biggest news is right in front of you! Our long awaited site updates are nearing completion. Crowolf is currently accepting a limited number of new commissions for US$ and DragonRealms game  currency. Anyone that placed an order in the past that was never paid or completed can contact us to reinstate it and move to the top of the list!



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