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 It’s actually one of the best things to happen to gamers. Role playing game is just a game where gamers have to play a role

While playing the game, you also have to act as part of the character. Your success in this game really depends on how well you portray this character. This game also managed to garner a lot of followers from various people around the world. They can be accessed from anywhere. Here are some of the RPG games you’ll find online:

The best RPG of all time

Dragon Age II is one of the newest RPG games to take the internet by storm. It was created and developed by BioWare which is a game creation company that has made some of the best like Mass Effect. Diablo has also been a progressive franchise over the years and the release of Diablo 3 was huge. After a long wait gamers rejoice in Diablo 3 which is a mixture of thrill and gaming skills. Torchlight is also a good RPG game and also launched on Xbox 360 in 2012. Recently Torchlight was just a PC game but now gamers can have it both on Xbox and online.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is an excellent game. This is one of the new RPG games from Japanese developers and is a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII. The company that produced it, Square Enix hopes to make it better and better with the sequel so gamers can have the best games both offline and online. There’s no doubt that one of the reasons why RPG games are enjoyed is because they are online so they are more accessible. Another factor is the different genres because gamers like variety. With this you can choose action games or sports games and still enjoy yourself.

RPG Video Game Awards

Zenonia 2 is also a Japanese RPG game. It is famous for its great graphics and has been around since the nineties. If you are a gamer and grew up in the 80s, then Gurk is for you. This is an old game and some of the new RPG games are really imitated in many ways. The colors are amazing and so much fun to play with. However, if you are a modern gamer then you might not enjoy this game because of the old school style and gameplay. Another excellent RPG game is Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. Just like Torchlight, this is an online cooperative action RPG game. It is also available for mobile and in 3D as well. Its multiplayer capabilities make it even more fun.

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