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Today, when you refer to your favorite video game, chances are you are talking about Xbox 360 games. They have become number one in the market, and their sales are increasing every day. If you already have an Xbox 360 system, and have started a growing collection of games, you’ve experienced firsthand how expensive Xbox 360 games can be. The cost of buying a new game, or worse, replacing a broken game, has become so expensive that you and other gamers are aware of the importance of knowing how to back up your Xbox 360 games.

How to back up saved Xbox 360 360 games

Xbox 360 game discs are fragile. Media is nothing more than a DVD disc. They scratch easily, break easily, and are easy to lose or steal. All you need to do is drop the game disc on a hard surface to damage it so badly that it becomes unplayable. The simple act of playing this game results in minor damage to the disc surface caused by the playback mechanism. Through repeated and frequent use, these tiny defects can build up to permanently damage the disc. To reduce this risk, you have no choice but to back up your Xbox 360 games so you don’t have to worry about replacing them if they get lost or damaged.

You may have noticed, if you have tried to copy Xbox games using your traditional copying software, that Xbox games cannot be copied without special software due to the manufacturer’s integrated copy protection scheme. Several software developers have identified problems for gamers and developed special software that can bypass this copy protection and enable reliable copying of Xbox 360 games.

There are a few things you need to back up your Xbox 360 games

* Game copy software application specially designed to bypass Xbox game copy protection scheme.

* A computer with a working DVD burner.

* Multiple high quality blank DVD discs. Do not use cheap discs of unknown quality. Your game is expensive enough to guarantee the best media.

Game Drive

Once you have gathered all the necessary tools and equipment, you can start copying your precious games. 

  1. Install the game copying software to your computer, and get started.
  2. Enter the original Xbox 360 game you want to copy, and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. When displayed, eject the xbox game and insert a blank DVD disc, and follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. If indicated, delete the now completed backup of your Xbox game.

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You can now keep your original games for safekeeping, and keep backup copies available for everyday use. Now that you’ve learned how to back up Xbox 360 games, you can back up all your precious games. By reducing the risk of damage to your original Xbox 360 games, you can avoid spending your hard-earned money to replace damaged or lost games.

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